What Is The Servo Motor Series In Mitsubishi?

Servo motor Mitsubishi is a nano control motor that is compatible with different types of machines. Through the course of this article, we will take a closer look at this series and discuss its advantages in the industrial sector. 

Various Types Of Motors Available In The Series

  • HG Series: These Motors Have Medium Levels Of Inertia, High Levels Of Accuracy, And High Speeds.
  • HF Series: It Consists Of Medium To High Inertia Motors
  • HF-KP Series: It Consists Of Low Inertia Motors
  • LM-F Series: It Is Also Known As Linear Servo Motors
  • TM-RB Series: It Is Also Known As Direct Drive Servo Motors

Let Us Now Look At Each Series Under Servo Motor Mitsubishi In Detail

  • HG Series

Key Features: Medium inertia, high accuracy, and high speed 

In these motors, there is a significant improvement in the sensor resolution. These motors have a smooth rotation and excellent acceleration capacities. They are best meant to function as the feed axes of various machines. They pair well with Servo motor Mitsubishi. With a range of 0.2 to 9 [kW] and a maximum rotation speed of 4,000 to 5,000 [rotations/min], these machines include safety support sensors as a part of their standard equipment. 

The sensor connectors have better resistance to vibration as they are locked via screws. It also provides three kinds of sensor resolutions of the 1, 4, and 67 million pulses per revolution respectively. The motors in this series can be repurposed as a tool spindle motor and its characteristic small-sized connector allows horizontal connections with cables that go a long way in downsizing a machine and making it less cumbersome. 

  • HF Series

Key Features: Medium to high inertia motors

In this series, the motors ensure that high inertia machines function accurately. It is best meant for machines that require quick acceleration. With a range of 0.5 to 9 [kW] and a maximum rotation speed of 4,000 to 5,000[rotations/min], these motors support three different types of detectors. 

  • HF-KP Series

Key Features: Low inertia motors

This series is perfect if you require an auxiliary axis which in turn requires high-speed positioning.

  • LM-F Series

Key Features: Linear Servo motors

This motor does not have ball screws and thus is not prone to contamination from grease. Therefore, it can be used in different environments. 

  • TM-RB Series

Key Features: Direct Drive Servo Motors

This series provides a smoother rotational motion since it combines the qualities of high torque and direct drive. It also has a strong control system that allows the machine to quickly position and accelerates itself.

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