What can you expect on property tax assessment due to the Covid-19 pandemic?

Because of the pandemic, many investors are not able to pay their property tax within the correct time. This is why there is a huge amount of due in the market. Most of these taxpayers are expecting a new assessment of their property related to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

This is a very stressful time going on for everyone due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Especially those people who are already affected by Covid-19 are having a very stressful time. However, as per your concern with the California property tax assessment, it can surely be said that Tax and Treasure Collector’s office is taking all the necessary steps to assist you out in such a problematic situation.

Assessment of property tax:

Tax for the business property will be on a very higher side. Except for logistic and wire-house facilities, all the other commercial properties will be reviewed to provide the opportunity of lower assessment value. A process for Prop 13 appeal is going on for the same. Due to economic breakdown, there is a different sort of impact on the various kinds of properties.

You can consider this time as a high time to appoint the most professional tax consultants to understand the impacts of the pandemic on property tax assessment. At the same time, it will be necessary to take the correct steps to stay financially safe.

Different impacts on property tax by Covid-19:

  • It will not be possible for you to pay the property tax in person in the tax-paying offices. However, you can always choose to pay through online modes. If you want to pay through e-checks, there will be no extra cost involved with the same.
  • You may not have received your latest property tax bills. As a result, you will be confused about using the correct identification number while paying the tax amount online. In that case, you can always check any previous bill because your PIN will be the same.
  • A service fee of 2.25 percent for the Debit and Credit card is still applicable as the payment processor of the cards accepts that payment for facilitating the payment. However, e-checks can be used as an option where you don’t need to pay anything extra.
  • There is not going to have any impact on the property tax amount in the current situation. Having a lien date for paying the property tax, the tax amount will remain unchanged.

Impact on refund:

Are you expecting any sort of refund related to the payment of the tax amount? Well, generally, you are supposed to get the refund amount within sixty days of your payment. However, you may expect some delay in getting the refund amount in your account due to the emergency pandemic situation.

However, as this pandemic has already impacted an individual’s income and due to the same, if you have not successfully paid the property tax within the stipulated timeline, you can appeal for cancellation of the penalty amount. You should submit a request for cancellation of the penalty amount on the website of the taxpaying office. If you have more than one bill, you should submit the same number of requests related to the same.

You may also have a situation that you cannot pay the full property tax amount, but you will be able to make a part payment. You can always do that because the property tax department is going to accept the part payment. It will help to utilize the tax amount for running all the important services in such an emergency. However, along with partial payment also you should put a request for cancellation of the penalty amount.


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