Google Analytics Mistakes To Not Do

Your website represents your business online. Some companies are based online, and the website is their only business property. The first step is getting your website designed by a reputable Denver website design agency. The next thing once your website is up is effective marketing. The internet is a competitive place, and you have to put in effort for people to notice you. How do you become aware if your marketing efforts are paying off? That’s where Google Analytics comes in. When used appropriately, Google Analytics will provide you with important information on your website and marketing efforts. However, there are some mistakes people make with Google Analytics which gives them the wrong data. Below are some Google Analytics Mistakes to not do.

Not Using Google Analytics

A widespread mistake you should altogether avoid is not using Google Analytics at all. Many people make this common marketing mistake, thinking they do not need it. Simply having a well-designed website by Denver website design agency is not the only marketing strategy you need. Google Analytics is a free analytic tool and allows you to track your marketing progress. Some people have it but do not even take a look at the data. If you’re going to use it, you must look at the gathered data to gain some business insight.

Wrong Account Configuration

When you finally decide to set up a Google Analytics account, you have to follow a particular hierarchy. If you mess up the hierarchy, you might end up messing up the data. Google Analytics requires that you use a Gmail address to set it up. If there’s one already, you can have the account owner add you up as a user on the account. If you’re running multiple accounts, then the hierarchy can get confusing. Remember that account is the business the Google Analytics is set up for, the property is the website or multiple websites, and ‘view’ represents the data gathered. You can filter the data in ‘view’ or leave it unfiltered so that you can access raw data.

Ensuring the Tracking Code is on All Pages

Google Analytics provides you with a tracking code to place on all your web pages. This code allows the analytic tool to track the page’s progress. This way, you can tell how your website by top Denver website design agency impresses your visitors. You have to constantly check to ensure you placed the code on all pages and it is working. Although it seems simple, it is very easy to forget this vital step, and due to negligence, Google Analytics won’t track the page.

Not Setting Up Goals

This mistake is another popular one you should make on Google Analytics. A lot of data comes through if you set up your Google Analytics account right. But to get more insight, you should set goals. Your set goals can be anything you want. If you use phone numbers on the platform, you can choose to set up a goal tracking calls to the phone number. The same goes for the forms you may have created on the website.

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