Can Space Travel Companies Keep their Clients Safe?

Space tourism is growing at a fast rate as more companies join the industry and prepare to take tourists there. One question that both tourists and experts have been asking is, “Can the travel companies keep their tourists safe?” Although most of them have rigorous training before tourists are allowed onboard, what about complications that might arise when travelling in space vehicles travelling at supersonic speeds? 

To help you answer this question, we will look at the main efforts by the space companies to deal with medical conditions once the space vehicles take off from the earth. 

Teams of Experienced Crew

The most effective method of ensuring you can get assistance when travelling to space is having an experienced crew that has been up there severally. Having travelled dozens of times during trials, the crew is likely to know the worst that can happen and will be ready to assist you. Because of zero-gravity, most people’s systems, such as blood pressure and the entire circulatory system, are likely to be affected. 

To ensure that you can handle the medical challenges that come with space travelling; only those in good health are allowed. They also undergo intensive training, which includes simulations of zero-gravity to help visitors learn how to cope. For example, Virgin Galactic has an intensive three-day training that includes physical tests and multiple medical checks to avoid taking people who cannot cope with space’s harsh environment. 

Space Vehicles Come with Special Design

When one travels to high altitudes, say at the top of the Himalayas, the oxygen gets limited, and it can also be pretty cold. The conditions get even worse when you go further into space because of high exposure to UV radiation that can cause skin cancer. Can space vehicles protect tourists from these threats? 

Since the early 2000s when the first space tourist, Dennis Tito, successfully travelled to space, most space companies have been working hard to craft the best vehicles. Indeed, we can say that space tourism’s success is largely dependent on the effectiveness of space vehicles. The space vehicles’ bodies are strong enough to withstand the blast forces at launch, protect you from UV radiation, and travel at supersonic speed through space. 

What about Space Medicine? AndreyBokarev

People are used to getting medication from a doctor when feeling unwell, but is it possible when travelling to space? Space medicine, just like space tourism, is at a very early stage, and it will take time before you can get a prescription on space. 

When you decide to travel to space, it is important to appreciate that it is a new area and be ready to explore. Well, a host of things can indeed go wrong, but this should not stop you from travelling. Think like a business person, such as Andrey Bokarev, the president of Transmashholding (TMH), who says that you should stop at nothing to get what makes you stand out. If you are healthy, go ahead and enjoy a space ride in the company of choice. 

Although new, space tourism has become sensational as more people want to travel to unique destinations. While the concerns about space companies’ ability to handle medical emergencies up there linger, travelling to space can be a lifetime experience. Since other people, such as space vehicles’ crew and space station experts, travel to space regularly, you too can travel there.  

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