Benefits of Direct Primary Care: A Health Insurance Alternative

It’s no secret that finding good health insurance is a process fraught with confusion and often lacking in transparency. When you have health insurance, it can be incredibly difficult to know what health care is going to cost you, and what your benefits are. Health insurance companies are the middlemen between you and your health care provider, so they can dictate what amount of care you receive will be covered. Direct Primary Care is a health insurance alternative that gives you a direct relationship with your healthcare provider.

You may be wondering “what is a health insurance alternative? Will this option still offer me coverage if I get sick or injured?” Here’s how it works. Health insurance alternatives like a Direct Primary Care program offer you unlimited access to your primary care provider. Most of your needs will be covered by this program, like acute care, physicals, preventative care, pediatrics, and minor surgeries.

When you go to a hospital or doctor with traditional health insurance, you have no idea what your bill may be afterward, even if you have a good working knowledge of what your deductible is. Sometimes these medical bills can just catch you by surprise. It’s always unpleasant to be left with a bill, sometimes hundreds or thousands of dollars, that you expected your insurance to cover. In the United States alone, there is over $45 billion in outstanding medical debt. It’s an unfortunate reality for many people both with and without health insurance.

When you are a member of a health care alternative, you will know ahead of time exactly what you will owe to your primary care provider because you will pay one low monthly fee. Typically, the annual costs associated with your health insurance alternative’s membership are less than the average yearly deductible. Plus, because you have direct and unlimited access to your primary care provider, there’s no one limiting your access to health care. Having open access to health care is good for both preventative health and treating illness and injury.

If you are interested in minimizing your out of pocket costs and getting quality health care through a health insurance alternative, contact Zenith Direct Care. They are Utah’s largest direct primary care group. Visit them online at

Zenith Direct Care provides a health insurance alternative to the people of Utah.

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